For the list of episodes for the 1975 TV series of the same name, see List of The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) episodes.

This is a list of episodes for the 2014 cartoon series, The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).

Episode List[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (2014)[edit | edit source]

  • Season 1 will consist of 52 11-minute episodes.
  • The time slot in Canada is Saturdays at 8:30 am. In the United States, it was Wednesdays at 5:30 pm, but now it's weekdays at 1:00pm.
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Title Original air date
Canada United States
1 "Spike Gets Skooled / Cats Ruffled Fur-niture" March 1, 2014 April 9, 2014

Spike Gets Skooled: Tom gets Spike sent to obedience school, and Jerry is left without a protector. When Spike returns, Tom tries hard to get Spike to revert to his old ways. Jerry fights back to make sure that Spike keeps his cool.

Cats Ruffled Fur-niture: Tom is under strict orders to not wake the witch sisters, but Jerry is set on getting Tom in trouble. When Tom uses the magic spell wand and makes all of the furniture come alive, he must get the help of Newt to make everything go back as it was.

2 "Sleep Disorder / Tom's In-Tents Adventure" March 1, 2014 April 16, 2014

Sleep Disorder: Ginger gets a high tech mattress and Tom is forbidden to sleep on it, but when Butch sees it and tries to hijack it, it results in him, Tom, and Jerry fighting over the bed.

Tom's In-Tents Adventure: When Tom and Jerry go camping in Yosemite, Jerry appears to be having fun, but Tom is not. He tries to have as much fun as Jerry has, but ends up attracting a bear.

3 "Birthday Bashed / Feline Fatale" March 8, 2014 April 23, 2014

Birthday Bashed: Spike forces Tom and Jerry to take over Tyke's birthday party after they ruin it.

Feline Fatale: Toodles hires The Cat & Mouse Detectives Tom and Jerry to investigate and protect her against a threat to her Tuna can inheritance. They go investigate, and a mysterious and menacing figure keeps trying to hurt them.

4 "Cat Nippy / Ghost of a Chance" March 15, 2014 April 30, 2014

Cat Nippy: Tom and Jerry are locked out in the snow.

Ghost of a Chance: With eight of his nine lives gone, Tom uses magic in order to bring them back.

5 "Birds of a Feather / Vampire Mouse" April 6, 2014 July 7, 2014

Birds of a Feather: Both Tom and Butch compete against to go after Ginger's mom's bird when her and Rick watch it for the weekend. Jerry also makes sure nothing happens to the bird.

Vampire Mouse: Jerry tricks Tom by pretending he has turned into a vampire mouse.

6 "Entering and Breaking / Franken Kitty" April 12, 2014 July 8, 2014

Entering and Breaking: When a burglar has been breaking in homes, Rick and Ginger leave Spike in charge and Spike teaches Tom and Jerry how to protect their home and defend themselves.

Franken Kitty: Jerry and his mouse friend Napoleon are lab mice and Tom is outside going through trash until he sees the two mice that he wants for an appetite and things go crazy when an elderly cat becomes a kitten and chases the mice.

7 "Tom-Foolery / Haunted Mouse" April 19, 2014 July 9, 2014

Tom-Foolery: Butch tricks Tom into switching lifestyles while Jerry tries to endure Butch's attempts to eat him.

Haunted Mouse: Tuffy hires Tom and Jerry to remove a ghost from a haunted house.

8 "Holed Up / One of a Kind" May 3, 2014 May 14, 2014

Holed Up: When Jerry ventures out of his hole for a late night snack, Tom has a trap set for him. Unfortunately for Tom, he falls into his own trap and gets his head stuck through the wall and into Jerry's house. Jerry tries everything he can to dislodge Tom, and almost gives up hope of ever getting his privacy back.

One of a Kind: Detectives Tom and Jerry are hired by Polly the Dog to get back her collar from mean Barkley at the park. After a series of incidents involving the pound "jail" and an electric fence, Barkley reforms when he meets Polly and falls in love with her.

9 "Belly Achin' / Dog Daze" May 10, 2014 May 21, 2014

Belly Achin: Little Quacker enlists Jerry's help in getting his cracked favorite birdbath fixed, but they get distracted by the smell of Tom's delicious Chinese takeout. After fighting over the food, Tom steals Little Quacker's fortune cookie and gets the kind of fortune he deserves.

Dog Daze: Spike's bright idea is to build a swimming pool for his son, but he finds that he cannot do it on his own, so he enlists the help of Tom and Jerry, both of whom were just kicked out of the house for being too destructive. As expected, the cat and mouse duo fail to do things the right way, but become confused when Spike refrains from losing his temper in front of his son.

10 "For the Love of Ruggles / Sleuth or Consequences" May 10, 2014 July 14, 2014

For the Love of Ruggles: Tom kicks Spike's beloved chew toy over the fence and has to get it back when he sees how heartbroken Spike becomes.

Sleuth or Consequences: Detectives Tom and Jerry discover Butch and a squirrel are con artists and are stealing from customers.

11 "Dinner Is Swerved / Bottled Up Emotions" May 17, 2014 July 15, 2014

Dinner is Swerved: When Ginger and Rick leave the house for a trip, Tom and Jerry plan to serve their girlfriends dinner, but things get competitive with them.

Bottled Up Emotions: Jerry gets affected by one of Dr. Bigby's experiments that expresses love feelings and Tom becomes uncomfortable by Jerry's behavior.

12 "Here's Lookin' A-Choo, Kid / Superfied" July 10, 2014

Here's Lookin' A-Choo, Kid: Spike develops allergies and Rick thinks that Spike is likely allergic to Tom, so Rick gets a hypoallergenic kitten named Glory for Ginger and Spike; Tom and Jerry plan to get rid of the nice kitten.

Superfied: Dr. Bigby creates cookies that gives animals superpowers and Jerry and Napoleon eats them and they have fun terrorizing Tom. He eventually gets revenge on them, however.

13 "What a Pain / Hop to It!" July 11, 2014

What a Pain: Rick takes Tom and Spike to the vet for their checkup while Ginger hires an exterminator to get rid of Jerry and Tuffy.

Hop to It!: Tom and Jerry are sent out to go retrieve an ingredient for the witch sisters by sundown before they are turned into frogs, but Tom develops a crush on Princess Toodles. Butch does, too, so they compete against each other in games to win her love.

14 "Turn About / The Plight Before Christmas" July 16, 2014

Turn About: Tom has a date with Toodles and she warns him not to be late, but Butch tricks Tom that Toodles has a surprise in the basement for him and he leaves him down there; Toodles leaves Butch in charge of her younger, rowdy siblings; Jerry and Tuffy watches a horror movie and mistakes Tom for a monster.

The Plight Before Christmas: While celebrating the holidays with Beatie and Hildie, Tom and Jerry destroy their Christmas tree and must go out to obtain a new one. In the process, they help out Santa Claus by delivering presents for Christmas.

15 "Tuffy Love / Poof" July 17, 2014

Tuffy Love: When Jerry and Tuffy are planning to go on a vacation, Jerry gets mailed away when Tuffy forgets to bring a camera along with them, so Tuffy stays home and outwits Tom while Jerry attempts to come back home.

Poof: Detectives Tom and Jerry are hired by a magician rabbit to find his pigeon partner, which has actually disappeared from his magic act.

16 "Top Cat / Mummy Dearest" July 21, 2014

Top Cat: Both Tom and Butch compete for the Golden Fez in the United Mouse Catchers when they both attempt to capture Jerry.

Mummy Dearest: The witch sisters both commemorate the passing of their mother and Tom tries to help out by bringing her back from the grave.

17 "Domestic Kingdom / Molecular Breakup" July 22, 2014

Domestic Kingdom: Tom stars in a documentary that mis-characterizes his daily activities from chasing Jerry to "romancing" Toodles and messing with Spike.

Molecular Breakup: Dr. Bigby invents a transporting machine that transports Tom and Jerry to Paris where they meet a girl mouse and a girl cat.

18 "Just Plane Nuts / Pets Not Welcome" July 23, 2014

Just Plane Nuts: Ginger and Rick decide to bring Tom and Spike along on their Hawaiian vacation, but on their plane flight, Jerry and Tuffy tag along as well. Tom and Spike get loose out of their cages, and before long, things go awry.

Pets Not Welcome: After the plane incident, Rick and Ginger sneak Tom and Spike at "Paradise Resort" where pets are not allowed, but when Rick and Ginger leave Tom and Spike in their room, Jerry and Tuffy cause them trouble.

19 "Cruisin' for a Bruisin' / Road Trippin'" July 24, 2014

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' : Rick and Ginger's vacation continues on a cruise ship, where to make sure Tom and Spike don't cause havoc, they keep them in the carriers. Jerry and Tuffy invade their vacation again, and Meathead, the ship's cat, hunts down Jerry and Tuffy on the ship.

Road Trippin' : Rick and Ginger goes on a road trip to visit Ginger's great aunt Claire, but on the trip, Spike and Tom get lost, and Spike deals with "the Doggie of Doom" who follows them.

20 "Magic Mirror / Bone Dry" July 25, 2014

Magic Mirror: When Hildie gets a magic mirror that predicts the future, Tom sees predictions of himself being fed a fish, which is good, and then a bad prediction: switching heads with Beatie.

Bone Dry: Detectives Tom and Jerry are hired by Spike to find his missing bones.

21 "My Bot-y Guard / Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide" July 28, 2014

My Bot-y Guard: Dr. Bigby upgrades his robot to be "The future of home security," but when Tom invades the lab to pursue Jerry and Napoleon, the robot has some tricks up its sleeves.

Little Quacker and Mister Fuzzy Hide: When Hildie and Beatie leaves their home, Tom and Jerry comes across Little Quacker who turns into a big monster on and off when he eats the stew that Tom made standing on the window.

22 "Pipeline / No Brain, No Gain " July 29, 2014

Pipeline: When Ginger's wedding ring falls down the drain, Tom, Jerry and Spike have to get it back before she finds out.

No Brain, No Gain: One of Dr. Bigby's inventions make Tom intelligent.

23 "Cat Napped / Black Cat" July 30, 2014

Cat Napped: When an injured Tom sees a female cat named Misty across the street get catnapped, him and Jerry seeks help from her dog friend, Scarf to locate her.

Black Cat: When Tom ruins Hildie and Beatie's potions, they get fed up with him and he overhears them wanting a black cat instead of him. He makes and drinks a potion that turns him into a black cat, and they assume he's another cat.

24 "Hunger Strikes / Gravi-Tom " July 31, 2014

Hunger Strikes: During a winter day when Rick and Ginger are out of the house, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Spike and Tyke manage to get and find food around the house.

Gravi-Tom: One of Dr. Bigby's inventions makes things float, so Jerry and Napoleon try it on themselves and then they try it out on Tom.

25 "Ghost Party / Cat-Astrophe " August 1, 2014

Ghost Party: When Hildie and Beatie go away on a vacation, Tom and Jerry has problems when their ghost nephew, Grayson, comes over and throws a large party with his friends and takes their crystal ball for bowling.

Cat-Astrophe: An asteroid is heading towards earth and Tom and Jerry are determined to stop it; Napoleon is hungry for vending machine food.

26 "Curse Case Scenario / Say Cheese " August 4, 2014

Curse Case Scenario: An unlucky dog named Dutch goes to Detectives Tom and Jerry, saying that a ruby stone he has been guarding from his great grandfather's master pirate "Captain Wrongway Weston" is taken from a female dog named Roxy, who is also unlucky.

Say Cheese: When he tries out a new cheese-in-a-can that Rick and Ginger buy, Tom has a crazy day when he experiences hallucinations.

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