Lachy Shrinks the Wiggles! is the third episode from Season 1 of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! in August 21, 2013. 

Plot[edit | edit source]

Lachy has a new invention! It is a rose that if sniffed, could turn you into a superhero. As he shows his invention to Simon. Anthony and Emma overhear and take the rose to try. However, Simon and Lachy become worried when Lachy reveals he has not tested the rose. Later, Emma and Anthony come back to show they have shrunk. Later, the Wiggles try to play Do The Propeller when Anthony and Emma both have to hold on to the guitar togther. Lachy goes off screen to try to fix the problem. As Simon wonders, lights go off and Lachy comes back with normal Emma and Anthony. But later Emma and Anthony have seem to switch voices!

Questions[edit | edit source]

  • Will Anthony Need A Smaller Guitar?
  • Will Emma Need Smaller Drums?
  • Will Lachy's Inventions Ever Work?

Transcript[edit | edit source]

  • Anthony (Emma's Voice) Hi It's Good To Be Big And Strong Again!
  • Emma (Anthony's Voice) Hi It's Good To Be Back!
  • Lachy They've Changed Voices!
  • Simon And Lachy Oh No!
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