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Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, also known as Kung Fu Panda: The Series, is an upcoming American animated television series based on the Kung Fu Panda movies. The series was originally going to air in 2010; now, it is slated to premiere on Playhouse Jarielsometime on October 1, 2011. A sneak preview will be shown on September 19, 2011. With the exception of James Hong, none of the original actors from the films will reprise their roles in this series.


Master Po (Mick Wingert), who is the Dragon Warrior and still a child at heart, and the Furious Five (Kari Wahlgren, James Sie, Max Koch, Kate Higgins, Amir Talai) defend the Valley of Peace from villains of different kinds.


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Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 TBA October 21, 2011[2] TBA


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The series's musical score is done by the Track Team.[5] In addition, Sifu Kisu will be the martial arts consultant for the show as he was on the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.[6]


The show will also be taking part in Nickelodeon's revamp to their cartoon season on television. As an early promotion, Po was featured in a Nickelodeon bumper with all the characters of the shows set to premiere (or were renewed) in 2011.[7] On July 23, an exclusive sneak peek of the show was shown at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, with producers and members of the voice cast present at the panel.[8] A sneak peek episode is also planned for the DVD/Blu-ray release for Kung Fu Panda 2.[9] In addition, a sneak-peak episode was aired on September 19.


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