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Camp Big Moose

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Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare

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Lauren Tom

Jessica is the chief counselor at Camp Big Moose, above the dam from Camp Little Moose.

Physical appearanceEdit

She has long brown hair, a tan, has beautiful brown eyes and she is extremely attractive.


Jessica is extremely friendly and smart. She is also quite athletic and loves to swim.

History Edit

She is the chief camp councilor at Camp Big Moose. She most likely in her early twenties and she also kind and extremely attractive. While Scooby and the gang were out having fun on Big Moose Lake, Fred is teaching Luke how to fish when out of nowhere Jessica (in a red bikini) is seen driving a speed boat and Fred quickly develops a crush on her. She is then seen sneaking around Camp Little Moose where the gang mistakes her for the Woodsman, she exclaims that some of her camping equipment has gone missing thinking it was the Little Moose campers playing a prank when the Woodsman appears and chases her out onto a rickety rope bridge and almost kills her when he cuts the ropes, but Shaggy and Scooby save her. The next day she helps the gang solve the mystery, as she Fred, Daphne and Luke go under water to investigate the underwater town Scooby saw the other day. After the gang discovers the underwater town was home to a gangster named "Ricky Larue" who buried his treasure down there (before the dam was built, flooding the town), his former cell mate Babyface Baretti learns the secret to finding the treasure during the Summer Solstice. After the Woodsman blows the dam and Big Moose Lake is empty Jessica sees Babyface (disguised a Deacon) heading down to the town and decides to follow him. She and the gang are soon attacked by the Woodsman who case her, Fred and Luke into the clock tower, where he falls out the top and nearly drags Jessica with him just before Fred saves her. After Scooby digs up the treasure, they are soon attacked by the Fishman whom Scooby traps under a pile of bricks revealing to be Ranger Knudsenworking with Babyface. After the two of them are arrested , Jessica is about to thank Fred for saving her life again, but Fred tells her that the two of them won't work (being from different camps), but in the end both camps merge into "Camp Little Big Moose".


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