The Jariel 21 Million Hugs Campaign (also known as "Share Jariel Hugs") is an online campaign created by celebrate Jariel's 21st Anniversary. The campaign began on May 27, 2015 and revolves around sharing 21 million virtual toons via a special website. 


The Mission of the Campaign[edit | edit source]

Jariel wants people to share 21 million virtual toons in honor of his 21st Anniversary. With over thirty different "Jariel Toons" to choose from, the cartoon guy can celebrate someone's birthday, honor a veteran, or even reconcile friends. In addition, there are several general "toons" that feature Jariel saying some of his famous catch phrases or even dancing. For those who don't want to send a toon personally, you can get a toon from Jariel personally simply by pressing the "Get a Toon Button" on the homepage.

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